Dominique Maharaj


Produced by Dj Gangsta
Written by Dominique Maharaj, Kameron Maharaj & Shaley

Dominique Maharaj was born in Mexico city and raised in between Texas and florida. She has been working as a song writer for a few years until 2020 when she began working with the producer Dj Gangsta (Pedro Juan de La Ossa ) who descided he wanted Dominique to interprete the song they wrote together. She has written song in English, Spanish and french. She sings Trival house / house music, mostly in english, althoguht some singles had been release in spanish and french. Dominique is also an actreess trained with one of the top film industry directors of Colombia Yesid Leone and has particeipated in roles for his films. One of her passion is acting as it has always come naturally for her.

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